Funeral & Graveyard Recording - Single Camera (Uploaded Later) - Enquire for details

Have a family member who cant make it home due to covid restrictions, We will arrive at your church the morning of the funeral, and record both the service in the church and at the graveyard afterwards, anywhere in County Wexford.


We will then edit it into a single video afterwards and upload it to You Tube or Facebook later that day for you to share to your family and friends on social media.

Church Service Live Stream -  Multi Camera (LIve Stream) - Enquire for details

Subject to Broadband Connectivity , using three cameras, we record and stream the Wedding or Funeral service live from the church on the day of the service to You Tube or Facebook.


We connect into the church's fixed line broadband, or if that's not available can stream with our own 4g router (subject to us being able to get a strong enough 4g mobile signal on the day)  

In the event of a sufficient signal not being available on the day, or a unexpected break in the livestream, We mix the cameras live, and record the service too as a back up, and can upload it later that day for you to share, with your family and friends on social media.

Set up time usually takes about 90/120 minutes at church venue. 

With reduced numbers allowed at churches due to the covid 19, We also offer a number of wedding video packages to suit your requirements, Whether its just the service, the wedding speeches or first dance you want recorded, Get in touch today!